Nano Lubrication for Cars, Pickups, Marine, Sporting, 2 Cycle, Power Tools, Firearms and Corrosion Removal and Prevention

AR9100 Nanoborate Friction Modifier to lower fluid system coefficient of friction to 0.037, anti-corrosive and EP agent, maintains engine free of deposits and sludge, improves MPG, lowers operating temperatures, double oil drain cycle and increases HP. 6 oz’s treats the average 5 quart oil sump, 1.12 oz per quart. Apply at every oil drain.

AR2300 Nano Fluid System Cleaner – Add to fluid system if over 50,000 miles to dissolve carbon, varnish and eliminate sludge, revitalizes seals. Highly recommended to use first before using friction modifiers, use in engines, transmissions, differentials, and power steering. Add 8 oz’s to engine to clean up to a 7 quart oil sump.

AR6000 line of catalyst and burn modifier fuel treatments which include EPA 211b testing, J1321 II testing and EPA Carbon Mass Balance testing for all carbon based fuels including diesel, gas, heating oil, 2 cycle etc. for verified energy savings, reduced emissions and extended component life.

AR5000 line of organic rust remover and sealant to eliminate corrosion. Rust is removed effortlessly down to bare metal. 3 types of sealant for indoor and also the most extreme environments.

AR4000 line of firearm oil includes a CLP based upon nano-tungsten disulfide WS2 which cleans, lubricates and protects, is military specified. Our second oil is an LP based upon nano-hexagonal boron nitride hBN which is for maintaining a lubricated and corrosion free firearm. Both brand new technologies far surpass products rested on the market.

AR2400 Nano WS2 Dry Film Lubricant – Nano tungsten disulfide based multipurpose dry lubricant spray. Outperforms moly, graphite, PTFE, boric acid or any other solid lubricant. High temp, high pressure, high load, high vacuum and the lowest COF 0.03.