Poniżej będziemy prezentować opinie klientów o produktach Archoil. Dzisiaj dostępne są jedynie te otrzymane od naszych partnerów z Wielkiej Brytanii i USA. Niektóre dostępne opinie prezentujemy w oryginalnej wersji językowej.

Jacek Czajkowski napisał:
„Ja wlałem w te cholerne mrozy AR9100 do Subaru Forestera diesla (te silniki na mrozie -10 stopni celsjusza wydają z siebie przeraźliwe odgłosy zanim się nie rozgrzeją) i następnego dnia byłem bardzo mocno zaskoczony- silnik wydawał z siebie o 80 procent mniej przeraźliwych dźwięków niż przed wlaniem AR9100. Można powiedzieć, że pracował jakby był już rozgrzany. Wkrótce test w ML i Skodzie , wynikami „nausznymi” się podzielę. POLECAM!”


Rajdowe BMW Z4M szybsze i lepiej chronione dzięki Archoil
Dzięki zmianie oleju silnikowego w tym rajdowym BMW Z4M na olej racing 15W-50 z dodatkowym modyfikatorem tarcia Archoil AR9200 odnotowano poprawę osiągów oraz spadek zużycia silnika aż o 33% w warunkach rajdowych w porównaniu do poprzednio stosowanego oleju 10W-60 Sport rekomendowanego do BMW serii M.


George Swift – główny mechanik Jay Leno’s Garage chwali ARCHOIL©
To all who are willing to listen: I feel very fortunate to be included in testing and information about a product that has real results that I have experienced myself.
I am not a person with tons of money. I have to protect my investment… If my investment, be it my motorcycle, car or motor home, has to outperform every other like vehicle, or I am not happy. EVERYTHING comes down to lubrication for me because I avoid potholes, crashes and inferior lubricants. Simple as that.
Since I met Tim Stengenga, I have shared his passion for the technology that he in in the midst of. He has been very generous to share his „technologically advanced additives” with me to test on my current projects.
I am happy to say that I have seen, first hand, INCREDIBLE results by simply adding a steam oil modifier that Tim provided. Because the engine had a couple unrelated failures and needed to be torn down a couple of times, evidence, huge evidence of superior lubrication qualities were seen.
Pełna wersja pdf.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – opinia zadowolonego użytkownika, który wcześniej dolewał oleju 2T (przeznaczonego do silników dwusuwowych) do oleju napędowego swojego Forda z silnikiem diesela
I have a 2003 F250 6.0 Powerstroke. I recently tried a product which is getting rave reviews (for 6.0’s anyway) called Archoil 6200. It seems like a scam to consider that you add 3 teaspoons (half ounce) of the product to 29 gallons of fuel but that’s what it calls for.

For my first dose, I added an ounce to my tank and topped off. Honestly I didn’t expect to see ANY change in operation but I was very wrong. I have had this in for only 60 miles, and my 6.0 is FAR quieter, quieter than using 2-stroke. It is also smoother too. Not sure that I am seeing any benefit on power, and mileage is about the same (21-22 hwy) according to the overhead display, which actually is pretty close to hand calculated.

They also have an oil additive which I am planning on using on the next oil change. I have had great results with Rev-X, and have heard of better results with Archoil 9100.

Within just 60 miles, I notice a big difference, not in performance but drivability I am already sold on the 6200 product. I did a search, read a lot on it and there is nothing negative, a little neutral and a lot positive. The fuel additive is supposed to work well with Cummins, Duramax and us Ford guys. Cost per tank is on-par or less than the other additives.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 & AR9300 – “Hi, update on the effect of Archoil 6200 + friction reducer in rear diff and engine. Basically I have used the same Merc e300 diesel for the last few years to travel to South Wales several times a year. Route is 214 miles and takes 3 and 3/4 hours or so. Best mpg previously recorded using the previous edition of ** additive was 39.3, more typically 37/38mpg. I recently had to strip out the fuel tank and replace lines/filters etc due to corrosion on the outside causing problems. I made all the necessary repairs and fuelled up with Archoil treated fuel and put the friction reducers in the engine and back axle. I have done two trips since and recorded 41.6mpg and 41.2mpg. The slight noise from the back axle heard on over-run has gone. I’m very pleased with the effect both from fuel economy and general get up and go-response and smooth running. The car has been to the moon and back but is reasonably well maintained and I am very familiar with the operating characteristics having owned it for so long. Best Regards.” From Tim (Metallurgist Professor.)


ARCHOIL© AR6400 – “Hi, recently purchased your Archoil Professional fuel system cleaner for my Mini Cooper S. Very impressed by the extra boost it appeared to immediately give to the supercharger.” From Nick.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – “I can’t believe how good the Archoil AR6200 additive is. The car runs smoother and getting at least an extra 6mpg around town and only adding 5ml per tank! Looking forward to using the Archoil AR6400 to give it a good clean through.” From Matt.


ARCHOIL© AR9100 & AR6200 – “Hi, just to let you know that I received the archoil products I ordered. Have added to the oil & what a difference, engine a lot smoother and quieter. Not really had a chance to test the fuel one yet as only done short runs, but will put it to the test in a couple weeks as we are going to Scotland so will let you know when we get back.


Hi, just some feedback on the archoil products I used on my weeks holiday to Scotland. I added the oil & burner products to my VW Sharan 1.9 tdi 115 bhp, smooth running & returned 45mpg fully laden with 4 adults 2 dogs & luggage. 1500 miles in a week, great products will be ordering again soon. Thanks again.” From Richard.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – “I am a retired ex garage owner and when I was in the business these products were not available just the odd drop of ***** in with the fuel and that was your lot! Last year I purchased a 1988 Mercedes 300 D diesel auto, mileage 138.000, full service history vehicle with 2 owners from new. It did have a few draw backs, it did not start to well, heater plugs replaced which helped but the old car had no go in it. I was looking online at your products but I was very sceptical about these type of products. Wow how stupid I was in being like that. I was sent a AR6200 sample free of charge, which I added to a tank of diesel. After 2 days I could not believe the power from this same old car, it was as if someone had put a V12 engine in it, the pick up from a standing start was rapid and also right through the gear changes. It has transformed the vehicle. I really am amazed, so from an old motor trader, you guys with diesels drop some of this in your tank and see for yourself if I am right! I am converted, wish it had been available in my day, when I was selling cars.” From Doug.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – “ I’m back in Ohio from our trip to Florida. We started out at an MPG of 10.45 and ended with a best MPG of 15.96. AR6200 is amazing..” From Randy.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – “I have tried the sample of the AR6200 combustion catalyst and burn modifier you sent me in my Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel. All I can say is WOW!! You have a winner here. Without question, this is „the best fuel additive I have ever experienced”, and I have tried many of the top name brands such as Stanadyne/PowerService/Optilube/Motorcraft/Lucas and others. Low end torque and throttle response are very noticeably improved as well as injector noise reduction, you barely have to depress the throttle pedal to maintain speed going down the road, this will equal to improved fuel economy. This is a very powerful and incredible formulation, it makes the truck run like it has a power programmer turned up a few notches, even jumping on the throttle hard when getting on the freeway, you really can feel the difference. A co-worker of mine is running AR6200 tonight in his Chevrolet Duramax diesel, he has a 3hr roundtrip drive, I expect similar results when I see him tomorrow. I don’t see this product available yet on your website. This product will sell itself once people try it, no question about it. Would like to purchase more if it is available. Nothing currently out there now that I know of can compete with this formulation, I only added 1oz to my 30 gal tank. As for the AR9100 you sent me, I am waiting for my next due oil change to use. Several other members on TheDieselGarage.com have ordered some as well to try in their Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. I will spread the word about your products with the highest regards.” From Harry (ASE Master certified diagnostic technician for Mercedes Benz.)


ARCHOIL© AR6200 – “The previous average for the E320 CDI before an oil change plus addition of the additive was 27.5 MPG according to the trip computer. After driving 800 miles with the additive – with the same driving pattern and same brand/grade of oil used – the MPG has climbed to an average of 30.5 MPG – just over a 10% improvement so I’m well pleased.” From Danny.


ARCHOIL© AR6200 and AR9100 from Harry Johnson and his 2003 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke:

A message on how well Archoil works in a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke,
Archoil has generated a tremendous amount of excitement for a multitude of positive reasons. This can be seen across many of the diesel truck forums, notably on TheDieselGarage.com 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke forum, where some of you may be familiar with me as „harry6.0”. The truck pictured above is a 2003 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke that we’ve had since new. It is treated with both the above products from Archoil, (AR9100 in the motor oil) and (AR6200 in the fuel). This combination works incredibly well in the 6.0 Powerstroke. There are many other oil and fuel additive products on the market today, but none that I have ever tried has given the outstanding performance gains and results like Archoil. As many of you already know, the 6.0 Powerstroke is a very complex high compression diesel engine that uses the motor oil to hydraulically pressurize the fuel injectors and is known to be extremely punishing on any motor oil. The design features of this system make it susceptible to a condition called fuel injector stiction (the spool valve sticking inside the fuel injector), which can produce symptoms such as rough running combustion misfires (especially during cold engine operation), poor combustion in general and loss of overall performance.
AR9100 friction modifier can help alleviate completely and or prevent fuel injector stiction problems, along with providing enhanced engine oil performance that the 6.0 Powerstroke really benefits from. AR9100 also makes the engine run very smooth and much quieter, this is especially noticeable when driving down the road or highway. It is recommended to be used regularly at the prescribed dosage ratio of approximately 1.12 ounces of AR9100 added per quart of motor oil, or roughly one 16oz bottle per engine oil change on a 6.0 Powerstroke. That is the exact ratio I use in our 6.0 Powerstroke.

AR6200 combustion catalyst and burn modifier when added to the fuel tank creates a much more thorough and complete combustion event, which in turn provides enhanced low end torque and performance unlike any other fuel additive I have ever experienced. This product will work in any carbon based fuels and responds extremely well in the 6.0 Powerstroke. A more thorough burn rate also produces less waste and cleaner exhaust gasses, which is another added benefit for variable gate turbochargers and EGR systems like those found on the 6.0 Powerstroke and many other vehicles. It also provides a host of many other important benefits to the fuel system and combustion chamber as well (see list below of AR6200 product features). I recommend using 1.5 ounces the first tank, then 1 ounce in each of the second two tanks, then only a ½ ounce per fill up thereafter.

Harry Johnson
Mercedes Benz master certified diagnostic technician
ASE certified master technician
ASE certified advanced engine performance specialist
WA state certified diesel emissions specialist